Why Advertise with CashCroptoday Media?

Running a successful cannabis business is not easy, hell running any business isn’t. But there are ways you can use strategic partnerships, reliable vendors, and some amazing visuals to make it happen without thinking.

Today is a social media world and having your brand seen over and over again, is the only way you can begin to build brand awareness. It’s a competitive space branding your services and products. In a crowded space, it’s only going to get worse. How can you gain your consumer’s attention with the Cannabis & Hemp Industry up 600 percent in 2018 with new businesses and investors? How do you effectively reach your consumers or investors to present your product or stock offering?

You can’t create content for Youtube and advertise it to their 1.57 billion users  a day because promoting companies that are focused on cannabis is not within their policies. They have even started to delete channels with content that’s related to cannabis.

You can’t go to Google Ad Words or Facebook because it’s the same company and they can’t funnel out what sites don’t mind having cannabis and hemp ads.

So where do you go and how do you target your consumer or investor to grow your brand awareness without worrying about it being shut down?

How do you target your consumer or investor?

  • Describe your consumer and or type of investor you want to have. Write it down and be honest about who you want to sell your services/products too.
  • Write down the things they love to do and or where they go. (Investors love reading and having exclusive information that can get them ahead. So news sites, that talk about what your brand does or have would be a starting point)
  • When you described your consumer you also should outline your target demographic, this will help you narrow down your marketing efforts to that specific demographic.
  • When you have your target demographic and data to know their interests likes, you can start to build creatives (Display design banners, Curated articles, 15-second video commercials) that will get their attention.
  • Last thing you should start off at your pace. Being everyone in one city is way better then being in 20 cities some of the people know you in.

Where do you go?

If you’re in the Cannabis & Hemp business CashCroptoday.com is leading the movement in providing quality information for both new and seasoned investors, business owners and millennials. Since the launch of Cashcroptoday.com and its anchor news shows, Joint Venture, 420/411 and Crop Topics, we have become a trusted platform for display advertisements, curated content, press releases and manage creative marketing strategies within the cannabis industry with 2.4 people logging on to be enlightened in just 3 months.

Key Points on why CashCropToday.com

  • A targeted Business & investor audience of 1.2 million per month
  • A competitive cost per view rate of $5.00 to $7.00 per 1000 views to maximize your reach
  • Ability to target your consumer/investor through display advertisements that coexist with related content
  • Geo-Targeting down to the city
  • Cross promotion platforms (Cashcroptoday.com has 3 news shows, Joint Venture, 420/411 and Crop Topics that can be utilized to present the same company through different messages)
  • One on one strategic planning on reaching your branding goals
  • Full data reports that will help you lower your KPI (Cost per Interaction)
  • In-house Creative Design
  • Press Release Distribution & Curation

For information to get your brand noticed by your next consumer & investor contact us here so we can give you a call.


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