Amplifying Your IMPACT With

It’s An Easy 4 Steps!

  1. Send over your content, press release, news blurb and or Idea you have on how you want to present your story or message.
  2. Your rep will assist you in curating it to the brand you want to publish it on.
  3. Your rep will upload and send you a snapshot of what your content would look like published for your approval.
  4. Once you approve the content preview. It will be published, and a live link will be sent to you.

Key Things To Remember

You can publish as many times a month you like but can only have 2 unpublished work in your que.

Your rep is always available during business hours to assist you with curating content

Answering “Quoted” questions does not mean that your response will make it as part of the published content. It will be hard to have all quoted answers with the number of members answering at once. The CCT Curated staff will always award the quote that fits the content best.