Does the press release bring you back the same results it use too?

It used to be that all a company needed to do was simply pay for a press release when looking to reach their target audience with an important announcement. In today’s data-driven society, company’s can no longer effectively measure who they directly reach with just a plain old press release. Most company’s get reports of their releases getting picked up by +100 websites but are these sites actually beneficial to your end goal? Do you really see an increase in traffic from those overly expensive & inefficient platforms? The answer we get 9 out-of 10 times is, No, yet companies continue to do everyday.

Why We Are Not Getting The Results We want?

The world of getting your voice and message out is changing daily and its coming to you faster then you can blink. To even compete for the attention you have content that creates an emotion that will make your consumer engage which everyone knows, but the change in your strategy has to be not to put it everywhere but only where your description of your consumer is at and being consistent.

So no more just putting content, press releases out to all the places that will pick it up. Work on finding those 10 good places that will put it directly in front of your consumer.

If you have a publicly-traded company or a service provider in the cannabis and hemp sectors  try looking at CCT Impact programs to get your content on


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