is the premier source for Cannabis & Hemp business news. We provide quality information for future and seasoned investors through our informative editorial news stories & original web news shows. CashCropToday Media is a global media, advertising network, branding and technology company, with a focus on news and information about investing, technology, entrepreneurship, and the lifestyle of Cannabis & Hemp.

(Los Angeles, CA May 2018) CashCrop Media LLC. announces its first 90 days with an amazing 1.7 million impressions and 428,000+ unique visitors to its website The anchor of is original, unique web news shows that highlight the business sector of the Cannabis & Hemp industry. These shows, “Joint Venture with Michael Parker”, “411/420” with host Joya Mia Italiano, and “Crop Topics” with Karla Zelaya, each bring a different industry perspective to the masses. is an online platform that showcases the business aspects of all things cannabis by providing an overview of the market through stocks, acquisitions and more. It creates an informative marketplace for potential investors and folks intrigued with the cannabis market to gain an understanding of how the money is made, what is used to manufacture, how to grow, individual state laws, health remedies, and trends within the industry.

You can now log on to and engulf yourself in the breaking cannabis news stories, formal business tips, state laws, and learn what companies are leading the pack in the world of cannabis.


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