Building Brand Awareness in the Cannabis and Hemp sector

Problem  reports that the number of Cannabis businesses in 2017 totaled 28,000 companies all ranging from dispensaries, product manufacturers to ancillary and technology companies. As a new or existing cannabis or hemp business owner, you must set yourself apart from the competition. In a industry with tons of players competition is inevitable. So how do you stand out and stay ahead of your competition? How do you effectively market your company, product and services?
Research your Customer base
Know who your customer is and where to find them. There are tons of research studies that you can find online that will give you a breakdown of the age group, ethnicity and income of your target demographic.
Curate Video Content for Rollover Commercials
Content is King! Continuously flooding your audience with thoughtful and informative visuals showcasing your company’s products or services in the form of 15- 30 sec rollover commercials will keep you front and center. Be sure to pick a ad network that caters to the demographic you are trying to reach.
Using Display Ads on Adnetworks and Niche Websites
Studies show that a potential customer must see your ad at least 20 times before making a buying decision. In a crowded space like the cannabis industry that might be double. So expect to allocate a good part of your marketing budget on getting the impressions you need to convert them to sales.
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